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Digital Signatures

Digital signatures a offer enhanced security, improved efficiency, streamlined collaboration, better compliance, and positive environmental impact. Their adoption can revolutionize how organizations manage and process documents in a fast-paced, interconnected digital world.

IQDox enables the secure digitization of your processes by adding this capability into workflows that sit on top of, or alongside of your existing systems and processes.


Manage your digital certificates and embed digital signatures into your workflows, documents and operations. Enhance security, legal validity, and improve efficiency. Embed them into your Connected Applications or independent workflows. Digital signatures are a valuable addition to organizations seeking to optimize their operations in a digital environment



Digital signatures provide a high level of security and authenticity. They use encryption technology to ensure that the document has not been altered or tampered with since it was signed. This helps to prevent fraud, unauthorized modifications, and impersonation. Digital signatures also enable the verification of the signer's identity, further enhancing security

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Digital signatures eliminates the need for physical paperwork, reducing costs associated with printing, mailing, and storing paper documents. It streamlines workflows by enabling electronic transmission and storage of documents, eliminating manual processes and the delays associated with physical handling. This results in increased efficiency and significant time savings.


Improved Auditability and Compliance

By leveraging digital signatures, IQDox can help businesses establish robust audit trails, meet regulatory requirements, and ensure non-repudiation. These benefits contribute to improved auditability, compliance, and legal certainty, enabling organizations to confidently operate within a digital ecosystem while maintaining transparency and accountability.

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