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Extending your enterprise with IQDox Connected Solutions

IQDox extends your business' ability to collaborate, innovate and integrate your enterprise with cloud and mobile applications that are connected to your ERP or back office systems.

Connected Applications

Enterprise iPaaS

Connected Solutions


Build Connected Solutions for SAP Business One

Extend your enterprise without extending your ERP costs


Leverage your SAP Business One investment 

IQDox allows you to extend the reach of your SAP Business One investment without having to invest in large software development and maintenance programs.


Customer Portals

Build Customer Portals to enhance Order Management and Inventory Visibility that are connected to the data and processes managed  by your SAP Business One platform.


Digital Signatures

Expand your security and compliance umbrella with IQDox digital signature workflows.


Trading Partners

Connect your SAP Busness One platform and your Trading Partners seamlessly using a wide variety of connections and data formats (EDI, API, csv etc)


Connected Apps

Deploy bespoke business applications that seamlessly integrate with and extend your SAP Business One platform without heavy investment in SAP development.


Mobille Apps

Extend your SAP Business One platform with powerful easy-to-maintain Android and iOS applications that reach out beyond your enterprise.


Managed Solutions

IQDox will host, maintain and support your IQDox Connected Solutions for SAP Business One.

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