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IQDox Platform for Partners

The IQDox Platform is what our Connect Solutions are all built upon.


IQDox typically teams up with Partners who specialize in specific enterprise products, such as SAP Business One, Workday, Blue Yonder etc. and / or industry verticals such as Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, Warehousing or Distribution.

We use the IQDox Platform to cost effectively develop and maintain Connected Solutions that extend our Customers' capabilities, allowing them to focus on their business operations.

Connected Applications

Enterprise iPaaS

Connected Solutions


What does the IQDox Platform allow us to deliver?

The IQDox Platform provides you a complete development and integration platform upon which we can integrate businesses and develop solutions that cannot be easily or cost effectively fulfilled by developing solutions on existing back office systems such as an ERP, Accounting, WMS or TMS platform.


Enterprise Integration

Using IQDox Connectors allows you to connect to a wide range of industry-leading applications and solutions such as SAP Business One.

Or build custom connectors using IQDox Wizards if they don't already exist.

Its easy to establish the secure and robust connections between business systems and applications, as well as between trading partners.


Connected Applications

Create custom apps that accelerate how work gets done.

With the IQDox platform you can rapidly prototype and build powerful low code applications connected to an ERP or any business system and make them available via the cloud.

Integrate connected data into added value applications by building Connected Solutions


Mobile Apps

Develop and deploy mobile applications to extend Connected Solutions beyond the enterprise.


The IQDox platform provides the ability to build and maintain mobile apps for Android or iOS.


By deploying the IQDox Mobile Framework on devices it is possible to deploy and upgrade these apps without downloading new versions of the app every time new features are added.

Integrate image capture, digital signatures and bar code scanning components into your mobile solutions.


Trading Partner Connections

Streamline connections with business partners by building workflows that accelerate the flow of data between the  enterpise and trading partner.

Leverage the IQDOx enterprise class integration platform to connect using EDI, APIs, XML, CSV, spreadsheets and a wide range of data formats via a wide range of connection protocols (FTP, SFPT, HTTP, AS2 etc.).

Connect directly to eCommerce applications with pre-configured connectors such as Shopify.


Digital Signatures

Digital signatures offer enhanced security, improved efficiency, streamlined collaboration, better compliance, and have a positive environmental impact.


Their adoption can revolutionize how organizations manage and process documents in a fast-paced, interconnected digital world.

The IQDox platform enables the secure digitization of your processes by adding this capability into workflows that sit on top of, or alongside of your Connected Solutions or existing systems and


Low-Code to Complex-Code

The IQDox platform allows you to build applications rapidly using low-code features that allow data models, custom screens,  dashboards and menus, to be built in hours rather than days.

For more complex requirements the IQDox platform allows you to inject code into the development framework so that you can build bespoke applications.

The platform supports the inclusion of javascript, HTML, CSS, C# to ensure that complexity and bespoke customization can be accomodated..


Digital Transformation

Whether its through integration alone, or by developing innovative solutions that leverage your ability to collaborate and orchestrate business processes between departments, systems and business partners, IQDox can help accelerate your business' digital transformation.

Deploy innovate workflow solutions that combine existing legacy systems and data with transformations such as digital documentation, mobile and cloud aplications.


Hosted Solutions

The IQDox platform and all of our Connected Solutions are hosted on enterprise class infrastructure ensuring high levels of uptime as well as security, compliance and scalable.

This also ensures we can offer competitive fees for the development, management and support of your Connected Solutions. 

We host the platform in Europe and in the United States to ensure that we can support your specific geographical needs, and will consider other locations on request. 


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