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Delivering Connected Solutions.

Connect. Extend. Collaborate. Innovate.

At IQDox we build Connected Solutions for our Customers - applications that are connected to your existing enterprise platforms, and solutions that integrate your business with your business community and ecosystem.


Using the IQDox Platform we extend the capabilities of your ERP, business applications and operational data by building connected applications, customer portals, mobile applications, and integrating you with your trading partners using our enterprise-class integration platform.

IQDox delivers custom solutions, ones that are connected to your existing investments and can extend the reach of your organization.

Reduce the need to invest and maintain custom solutions built inside your ERP with cost effective Connected Solutions from IQDox.

Connected Applications

Enterprise iPaaS

Connected Solutions


Build Connected Solutions for SAP Business One

Extend your enterprise without extending your ERP costs


Collaborate and Orchestrate

IQDox allows you to pull teams, systems and data together and to orchestrate business processes without the overhead of infrastructure, development teams or a myriad of applications, tools and utilities.

We bridge the gaps in your business processes through systems and data integration, and the development of connected applications.

We deliver and maintain Connected Solutions so that you can focus on your core business.

Connected Applications

Enterprise iPaaS

Connected Solutions

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